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Jump into Bob Burnquist's Shredit Drop and make a difference. By collecting, you're not just grabbing a slice of skateboarding's legacy but also ensuring all proceeds are split 50-50 between two impactful causes. Instituto Skate Cuida, co-founded by Burnquist, empowers youth with skateboarding, art, and tech. Laureus Sport for Good focuses on harnessing sports to uplift young lives. Collect, engage, and amplify change.
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Laureus - Sport For Good

Laureus - Sport For Good

Using the power of sport to end violence

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The Story

Laureus Sport for Good is a global organization that uses the power of sport to transform the lives of children and young people, working to end violence, discrimination, and disadvantage. Founded under the patronage of Nelson Mandela, the organization has developed a worldwide charitable infrastructure and supports more than 275 programs in over 50 countries. Over the last 20 years, Laureus Sport for Good has raised more than €150 million for the Sport for Development sector, reaching and helping change the lives of almost 6 million children and young people. ,

Skateboarding Cares

Skateboarding Cares

Revitalizing skate culture in Brazil w/ Bob Burnquist

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The Story

The Skate Cuida Institute aims to inspire, educate, and transform the community through skateboarding. We work directly with the community to provide equipment and training so that young people can progress in skateboarding, as well as strive to increase awareness of social issues and accessibility. Since our inception, we have worked to promote skateboarding culture and provide a platform for young people to express their art and share their passion. Skateboarding is flying on various fronts, becoming increasingly present and evolved. ,


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