Here’s to a blessed Friday & weekend y’all 🍻🍺✨


Art Race

Won Art Race


favorite trick to see, wish i had em haha
Good to know! It’s definitely my best trick on demand. I appreciate that though 👊🏼
How do you get the board to spin that fast?!?!?!

I think it’s the nature of the trick. There’s a lot going on with that one compared to just a Heelflip etc… Tricks like the big heel I focus more on the pop to get it fully flicked out before sticking it 100%.

A Heelflip or Kickflip I focus a lot on getting that flick perfect. I would like to think my “pop” is just natural at that point 🤣.. that was a tough question man haha

Basically pop hard and flick fast. Speed helps a lot.

My oh my!!!