Foil Surfing Drone Footage


Art Race



This such a good workout for the snow legs!
I wonder how well this would work in a river? Love this!
Man technology is insane…. Looks so fun man! 😊🙏☮️
Thanks! Gamechanging tech, and still early days!
What brand of board do you have? Or any that you recommend for a starter?
I rise a 5" 8 KT drifter f board with 200ha lift foil and 28" mast. Taught my bro on this setup. A bigger board and lower aspect wing may be slightly easier, but you'll outgrow it quickly
Correction 4"8 kt drifter f
Small waves provide more than enough push, but you gotta pump it back out. Leg burner!
I need one! Do you have to pump to keep it moving?
Get one! Super fun on the smallest of waves. You gotta pump to connect waves but even the small ones give tons of speed once you're on it